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Knitwear Labels for Children

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How To Choose Good Sewing Machines For Quilting

Quilting has long been an art with the earliest American women creating beautiful quilts to adorn their homes. However, there is much more to it now than there was then. Today’s quilters can take pa........ Read More

The Various Functions Of A Sewing Basket

Once upon a time women everywhere were blessed with the ability to sew. Not just because they loved it; as a matter of fact, love had very little to do with it. Sewing was an absolute necessity in the........ Read More

Sewing Machine – From Fabric To Clothing In Seconds

The sewing machine has been around for more than two hundred years now and is still as popular today. Most households have a sewing machine, whether it’s for ornamental use or for taking care of tho........ Read More

The Brother Brands Of Embroidery Sewing Machine

Brother is a name well known for making products that will make your household better. This company also makes commercial products. Brothers have a plant that is in the heart of the technological coun........ Read More

Sewing A Hobby Or Profitable Business?

Today young people are excited about the hobby of sewing now days. When I say young that really accounts for a large segment of younger citizens. In this case, sewing has caught on with young children........ Read More

Sewing Machines: A High-tech Gift For Mother's Day

What contains computer chips, an LCD touch-screen control panel, USB ports and the capability of connecting to the Internet? The answer: today's high-tech sewing machine. The same advances in digita........ Read More

The Many Uses For A Sewing Pattern

For many people, sewing is a hobby of yesteryear – a time honored skill that was passed down from generation to generation. Today, while sewing is not a necessary skill it is still one that many enj........ Read More

15 Sewing Tips To Save Time And Money

I still remember the excitement of my first sewing course. I made a skirt for my young daughter and was thrilled everytime she wore it. Since then I have enjoyed collecting sewing hints to save time a........ Read More

Sewing And Knitting

I was looking with my neighbor for a project to keep us busy during the winter; something that we would both enjoy and something that would help the community. We both like sewing and knitting, so we ........ Read More

Sewing Supplies And Fabrics For The Thrifty And Green

If you love thrift stores and garage sales, this is the column for you. There’s gold in them thar hills—sewing gold! Change your perspective a little and look at the world as one big fabric stor........ Read More

The Hand Held Sewing Machine: Pros & Cons

Hand-held sewing machines are very popular on TV shopping shows, eBay and Internet malls. It's tempting to want one for such simple sewing chores as sewing on a button or repairing a few loose inches ........ Read More

Sewing Tips For Beginning Quilters

Sewing by hand, or with a needle and thread is the traditional method used to piece together quilt blocks. Even if you own a sewing machine you should practice these stitches. Remember to choose the........ Read More

Sewing Embroidery Designs At Home Is Real Fun.

When I first learned to embroider, I used a needle and embroidery floss. I learned to do counted cross stitch and to follow the pattern printed on a piece of fabric. If you walk into a needlepoint ........ Read More

Lessons I've Learned From Sewing Teddy Bears

Normally all of creativity is dedicated to running my jewelry business, Trinity London. However, in recent months, I've decided to try my hand at sewing, specifically making teddy bears. Since I onl........ Read More

Understanding The Vintage Sewing Pattern

You have the ability to control your looks if you know how to enjoy sewing. A person who sews well doesn’t worry about the fashion and its influences. They can find the right fit of clothe for thems........ Read More


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Knitwear Jumpers Cardigan Sewing
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Knitwear Jumpers Cardigan Sewing
Stitching Knitting Dressmaking Making Clothes

Knitwear Labels for Children


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